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Agriculture Guaranty LLC (MGA), a company established in 2005, specializes in providing stock insurance
coverage for businesses related to cotton. Our expertise encompasses cotton gins, bale cotton
warehousing, and merchants in the cotton belt, and we have a commendable 30‐year experience in the
Agriculture Insurance Industry.

What makes us stand out is our unique offering of stock coverage forms that adhere to USDA standards
for cotton product coverages on an admitted basis. Our policies for Cotton Gins and Bale Cotton Storage
are thoughtully designed on a manuscript inland marine form, while our ocean marine forms cater to
cotton merchants, ensuring comprehensive coverage both domestically and internationally based on
cotton trade rules.

Our market presence in the cotton industry is strong, with an impressive retention rate of 95%. We
actively engage with various cotton industry member associations at regional and national levels. We
boast solid relationships with gin building and machinery vendors, warehouse building providers, and
seed storage facilities, enabling us to track replacement values and stay up to date with industry trends.
Additionally, we offer inspection services to assess risk quality and ensure compliance with industry
storage standards and prior recommendations.

We are committed to supporting and promoting cotton gins and warehouse facilities by providing them
with updates on loss mitigation equipment, implementation techniques, and protocols to minimize
claims. For your reference, we have prepared a booklet showcasing the entire cotton journey, designed
to educate reinsurers and others about the industry.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to earn the trust of our agents and their clients.



Agriculture Guaranty, LLC. began with a commitment to provide the highest level of specialized insurance coverage for licensed insurance agents. We believe that our experience gives us the understanding to best serve you.

From cargo to cotton and things in between, Agriculture Guaranty, LLC. customizes the policies to fit around you, not the other way around.



Agriculture Guaranty, LLC. specializes in a wide variety of coverage for insurance agents. We highlight three main areas of coverage: Marine Cargo, Cotton Ginning Operations, & Baled Cotton Storage Operations.

Our marine cargo policy is designed to cover, on broad terms, the goods and merchandise of a cotton merchant. Our cotton gin insurance program includes a specially designed cotton products coverage form. Our baled cotton warehouse insurance program is designed for producers or owners who are storing the baled cotton.


Curtis Phillipy

Chief Executive Officer

I am a native of Memphis, Tennessee, a city renowned for its significant contributions to the cotton industry. Historically, Memphis played a pivotal role, accounting for 98% of all cotton transactions. My educational background includes a Business Administration Degree and a Computer Science Degree
earned at the esteemed University of Tennessee, Knoxville. With over three decades of experience in the Agriculture Insurance Industry, I began my career at The Phillipy Company, a cotton stock program founded by my father, which operated extensively throughout the Southeastern region.

As a Certified Risk Manager and a Certified Insurance Counselor, I have been actively engaged with Agriculture Guaranty, LLC since its establishment in 2005. Our company was founded with the mission of providing licensed insurance agents access to a specialized cotton insurance program. Our
comprehensive coverage extends to various cotton‐related businesses, encompassing cotton gins, warehousing, and merchant policies, serving the entire cotton belt spanning coast to coast. Our policies are thoughtfully underwritten by Admitted Carriers in the United States, while London forms are utilized
for risks written abroad.

Within the company, one of my primary responsibilities centers around effectively managing claims related to different aspects of the cotton industry, including gin stocks, cotton seed, baled cotton, and merchant policies. To ensure excellence in our services, we place significant emphasis on fostering
strong relationships with our agents and clients, conducting inspections of all facilities. Continual improvement remains a core focus, as we relentlessly seek innovative ways to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our mission at Agriculture Guaranty LLC is to earn the trust of our agents and their clients. We strive to deliver exceptional service and establish ourselves as a trusted partner in the insurance industry.

Donna Phillipy

Director of Operations

With over 30 years of extensive experience in the Insurance Industry, I hold licenses in Property, Casualty, Life & Health, and possess CISR Designation. My career began at Shelby County Farm Bureau, where I catered to the insurance needs of farmers, covering personal insurance as well as farm and
equipment policies. I even insured one of the pioneering cotton module trucks in Shelby County. Throughout my career, I served as an Account Manager at both Clay & Land Insurance Agency and Insight Risk Management, located in Memphis, TN. During these roles, I managed large commercial
accounts, mainly focusing on contractor accounts. However, in 2018, I returned to my roots and joined Agriculture Guaranty, LLC, completing a fulfilling professional circle.

I firmly believe that the insurance industry goes beyond mere pricing; thus, I strive to always deliver the best service possible. I enjoy working with people and I am dedicated to providing my agents and clients with the attention and service they rightfully deserve.